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Don’t use your kitchen sink like a trash can.

We know life gets busy, and washing the dishes can often be the one chore you rush through each day, but constant neglect for what goes down your kitchen sink can lead to significant build up, clogs, and burst.

When it comes to your kitchen drains, the first thing you need to fully understand is the most common ways your drains are taking a beating. Many of your daily activities might seem harmless and routine, but without the right knowledge and care, you could be working your way towards some pesky clogged kitchen sink drain issues.

Garbage disposers and grease are the two biggest contributors to clogged kitchen sink drains. Here’s the first rule for avoiding clogs: Don’t use your garbage disposer like a trash can. If your family sends vast amounts of food down the disposer, you’ll have a clogged sink someday. Disposing of turkey carcasses, gummy foods like pasta and fibrous items like banana peels in the sink is asking for trouble. The same goes for heaping plates of leftovers. Scrape the big stuff into the garbage can and use the disposer for the small stuff.

Contact Ready Plumbers if you notice any of the following:

Slow drains – If it takes longer than normal for your sink to drain, this can mean your drains are clogged. Cleaning them properly can help the drains work the way they should and prevent future damage.

Backflow – Do you notice water reappearing in your sink? This could mean that the water doesn’t have a clear path to go through, most likely because of a blocked drain.

Localized odor – If you smell an unpleasant odor every time your wash your dishes or stand next to the sink, it can mean time for a drain cleaning. Things like oil, dirt, and debris builds up and emits odors when they’re trapped in the drains.

At Ready Plumbers, we make sure that you understand the common problems and offer solutions before we proceed with the job. Our goal is to give our customers the option to choose a more personalized solution that best fits your unique plumbing situation without draining your wallets.

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