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That’s correct. We’ll rooter any drain in your house for the low price of $99.00. That includes main sewer lines, kitchen drains, basement drains, laundry drains…… You get the picture. No need to diagnose it yourself. Let us do the dirty work. We’re Ready. 

We have the experience, expertise, and tools to fix any drain issue. Our extensive drain cleaning and rooter services also include: clogged toilet, clogged sink, clogged tub, clogged kitchen sink, or floor drain, main drain, shower drain etc.

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Our Plumbers in St Paul and the Minneapolis areas have seen and done it all when it comes to clogged drains.

How Soon Can We Arrive?

Immediately (for the most part). No, we don’t charge more to get there quicker. Our $99 price is the same seven days a week, all the way up to 10:00 PM. Weekends, same price. Unlike our “competitors” our specials are always special. 

Experience is Key !!!

We are fully equipped and experienced enough to handle any drain issue. We never “walk away” from any drain issue. Some companies get in over their head and find themselves unable to solve a drain problem, especially with the main sewer line. Not us. Our Plumbers can do it all. 

What advice can we offer?

#1 Stay away from chemical drain cleaners unless you have nothing else to lose.  That is to say, they will eat away at your pipes and they often don’t solve your problem anyway. In many cases, trying to fix a clogged drain with chemicals can make things worse. Some plumbers even charge more if there are acids already in the line. Certainly, your money is better spent with a professional plumbing service.


$99 DRAIN CLEANING Specials are available to you from Local plumbers, Plumbers Minneapolis, Plumbers in St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities Metro Area.

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