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  • $99 Drain Cleaning

$99 Drain Cleaners or Rooter Service, Any Drain

Main sewer lines can be one of the costliest drains to clean depending upon which company you call. Most major plumbing companies charge between $350-$450 for drain cleaners. No they won’t tell you that over the phone. What do we charge? $99 no matter which drain is clogged. Rest easy knowing it’s $99 all the time!

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The Best Prices and Services available for Local Plumbers and Drain Cleaners in the Minneapolis and St Paul metro areas...

Our Plumbers provide Free, In-Person Plumbing Estimates

Yes, free, in-person plumbing estimates. Yes, we give phone quotes when we can. However, that’s not always possible. Therefore we’ll send one of our plumbers out to physically inspect the issue and give you an educated proposal. We can get started with any repairs during that same visit. 

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Liscensed Bonded & Insured

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Centrally Dispatched

No matter where you live in the Twin Cities, we’re already in your neighborhood. Our plumbers are always fully stocked to fix whatever plumbing or drain cleaning problem they encounter.
Don’t delay, Call today! 651-204-9196
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Plumber & Drain Cleaners Specials

Honest Pricing
When it comes to pricing, we do not hide behind fine print or hidden fees. We offer competitive pricing based on national averages with no extra charge for services performed on nights, weekends, or holidays. We charge by the job, not the hour. Therefore, the price we quote is the price you pay.  Equally important, our customers can trust in our solutions-driven team, who is there for them when they need us.
Beyond availability, Ready Plumbing strives to provide the people of the Twin Cities Metro Area with not just quality workers, but the very best certified technicians in the city. Local plumbers, drain cleaners, sewer service, sewer line repair, plumbing, heating and cooling maintenance, repair, and installation require skills developed, like any other, through instruction, practice and experience.
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